Now is the time

Traditional practitioners are facing many challenges today. It’s safe to say you’re feeling one, if not many, of the stressors below:
  • reduced real net income
  • decreased use of dental care by the American public
  • shrinking employer-sponsored dental care insurance
  • increased state, federal regulatory requirements
  • increased costs of supplies and technology
  • surmounting student debt on the part of new dental graduates

These headaches, coupled with an increasing imbalance of time between clinical duties and administrative tasks, are creating a growing dissatisfaction among solo and small group practitioners.

At PepperPointe we seek to empower and support doctors and their teams, proactively address the administrative challenges of today and protect them from the drastic changes occurring in our industry. We also want to create a pathway of ownership for the next generation of doctors to realize their dreams, just as today’s doctors have.

Embrace the Movement

PepperPointe Partnerships offers administrative support to combat the challenges practitioners face, create efficiencies and provide the support needed with non-clinical tasks, allowing practitioners to focus on patient care. PepperPointe sets itself apart in its unique ability to leverage the passion of, and interest in, doctor ownership, and create a growth strategy for greater synergy and protection among all dental practitioners. Also, with a better exit and entry strategy, we seek to preserve and extend the legacy doctors spent decades building, and do so on their terms.

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