As the dental industry continues to rapidly evolve and consolidate, Group Dentistry Now recognizes organizations that are “changing the landscape of dentistry”. PepperPointe Partnerships is honored to have been selected as one such organization and a recipient of the 2022 Emerging Dental Groups to Watch award. Amidst the abundance of dental groups and DSOs in the marketplace, PepperPointe is one out of nine groups chosen for this prestigious award. 

The PepperPointe leadership team recently joined other industry leaders at the DSO Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN. During the much anticipated event, PepperPointe was honored at the Group Dentistry Now Emerging Groups to Watch Awards Ceremony and Dr. Greg White, CEO & President of PepperPointe, shared his industry insights as a panelist.

The panel discussion, Finance: Best Kept Secrets, provided attendees with a unique perspective to further support their growth goals. For dental practices or group practices looking to expand, rather than funding respective growth through a PE partner, attendees heard from Dr. White about the alternative doctor-owned model he and his fellow doctor owners developed. When asked if you can have your cake and eat it too, Dr. White said, “It depends on what your goals are! But we found financial security, generational wealth, and continuity of great patient care is possible when you create a model with true doctor ownership.”

PepperPointe is grateful for the continued support provided by Group Dentistry Now, it’s great partnerships like theirs that help drive our mission forward!