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Maintain Doctor Ownership

We believe it is vital to the health of the practice and patients to provide continuity of care and a strong commitment through doctor ownership. Practice ownership minimizes turnover, leverages the experience and knowledge of the doctor and their staff, and enhances their short-term and long-term financial benefits. When doctor-owned practices also receive support through our professionally managed services, it creates an unparalleled synergy and opportunity for growth.

Create a Strategic Exit Strategy

We provide a strategic plan where the ownership of the doctor’s practice is intentionally and systematically transitioned to a new doctor at a point in time of the current doctor-owner’s choosing. The process also includes the opportunity for the transitioning doctor’s development through experience, mentorships and support to ensure a smooth and healthy transition where the practice’s excellent service to the patients and community is maintained, and the legacy and reputation is preserved.

Receive Value-Added Managed Services

We are committed to strategically supporting doctors with opportunities to grow their practice and optimize efficiencies, removing the headaches from their day-to-day operations. Our doctors continue to maintain control in all treatment decisions, and they have the support of an experienced team to help ensure their success and their future. See our full list of services and support below to learn more about how our team can proactively address the administrative challenges and opportunities to offer protection, security and support.

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Associate Pathway to Partnership

Own Your Future

Great dental practices are built by great doctors — doctors who not only provide excellent treatment, but are also passionate about their patients and committed to their community. We are fortunate to work with partners that instill these qualities in the associates that work alongside them. We are grateful to have many wonderful associate doctors on our team, and it is our mission to ensure that we create a meaningful pathway to ownership for them when founding partners retire. We believe through offering ownership to associates, they are rewarded both financially and professionally for their passion and commitment to the success of the practice. Practice ownership also helps protect the future of the practice, securing its legacy for future generations.

Ownership as a partner offers long-term security, leadership opportunities, decision-making on an organization level, and significantly enhances your short-term and long-term financial benefits.