Our Purpose-DrivenTeam

We are fiercely passionate about helping you serve your patients and create the ultimate patient experience. Founded on core values that guide our practices and teams, we work together to positively impact the lives of each patient and staff member in a very personal and meaningful way. Our unique work environment is ultimately what allows us to grow and flourish as individuals and as an organization.

With more than 100 years of combined dental industry experience, our executive leaders are positioned to successfully guide the PepperPointe team and ensure the highest level of service is always provided to the practices we serve.

Together, we can do great things for our patients, staff, and dentistry as a whole.

Dr. Greg White

President and CEO

Crissy Fiscus

Chief Financial Officer

Joan Tyra

Chief People Officer

Meredith English

Chief Marketing Officer

Julie Booher

Chief Strategy Officer

Christy Englehart

Chief Operating Officer

A Commitment to Excellence

The support we provide is executed in coordination with our doctor owners and their teams to ensure a true partnership — one where they have freedom from administrative burdens and a greater work-life balance while they continue to play a pivotal role in the efforts and processes that make their practices successful. Communication and collaboration are essential to our team, and we work hard to take a holistic approach to everything we do. We’d love to tell you more about our unique and comprehensive approach to the services we provide.

Meet Lola

As Chief Morale Officer for PepperPointe Partnerships, Lola’s duties include napping, zooming, sleeping, and making people smile. Every morning, she makes her rounds with all our employees, stealing their kisses and treats! She likes squeaky toys, meeting new friends, coming into the office, and making sure squirrels know who’s boss. Her positive energy and excitement is contagious and adds so much to our day!

“The PepperPointe team has become my rock. I used to rely only on myself, and now I have many people that I can trust and rely on through PepperPointe. I truly have an operations team, a HR team, a finance team, a marketing team, and a strategy team. They have made my personal life more enjoyable without worrying about my office. I also still feel that I am a solo practitioner with as much autonomy as I want in my office, but with many added benefits of help when I need it.”

Dr. Donna Klein, Owner Pediatric Dentist

A Community-Centered Culture

We are committed to serving where we live, work, and play, giving back and working as an active participant and contributor to the community. Whether it is supporting the middle school baseball team or sponsoring a local non-profit’s food drive, we want our practices to show up and give back. This desire to invest in our communities is woven into the fabric of who we are as an organization, and we’ve found it’s also something that’s extremely important to the practices we serve. We believe that true doctor ownership is not only important to the patients we serve, but also to the communities we are part of. As owners, our doctors champion initiatives that positively impact the lives of their team members and patients in incredible ways — ways that are only possible when you own and control your practice.