PepperPointe President and CEO Dr. Greg White and Dr. Jane Katherine Jones celebrate the signing of Dr. Jones from a doctor to becoming an official partner doctor. While we always celebrate our new partners, this one is extra special because Dr. Jones is Dr. White’s eldest daughter.

President and CEO of PepperPointe Partnerships Dr. Greg White recently released an article sharing his insight on the state of the dental industry. In this article, Dr. White discusses what led to the growth of dental service organizations (DSOs), private equity’s influence on dentistry, and his predictions for the future.

The article states what Dr. White sees as the real concern with private equity’s entrance into the dental space: its impact on the continuity of patient care. As DSO employees (and without true ownership in the practice and its assets), doctors are not committed to the practice and communities leading to a high turnover rate and inconsistent patient care.

“If a doctor does not own the practice (and its non-clinical assets) and control the profitability of the practice, the likelihood of that doctor having the authority and ability to invest into the community diminishes significantly,” said Dr. White. “Without true ownership, the ability to allocate resources, and commit to the community in any meaningful way is curtailed, or even derailed.”

The article sheds light on the ever-changing dental landscape and provides practicing doctor owners with a unique perspective for a better future.

Access the full article here.