The PepperPointe team recently traveled to the Windy City to attend the American Association of Orthodontists’ 2023 Annual Session. We had the opportunity to showcase our unique doctor-owned, doctor-controlled model to more than 12,000 attendees and explain how PepperPointe is truly different: uniting doctors to preserve personalized care.

We had a wonderful time visiting with some of our current doctor owners and meeting like-minded practitioners (and residents) eager to protect the future of orthodontics.

“Our industry has witnessed many shifts over the past few decades, however, we have never experienced the changes we are seeing now,” said PepperPointe CEO and President Dr.Greg White. “We are witnessing in real-time the consolidation of practices and the beginning of a loss of control and direction of our beloved specialty. We are grateful to the AAO for allowing us to share our unique perspective and path forward. I believe it resonated with attendees and I’m excited to continue the conversation of self-consolidation with my fellow orthodontists.”

On Monday, April 24th Dr. White took the stage during the conference to speak on “Why Your Legacy Matters” and the importance of preserving your legacy in the ever-changing marketplace.

For those interested in watching Dr. White’s session and other presentations from the conference, you can click here to purchase access.