The job search can be difficult to navigate for any dentist, especially new graduates. 

Searching for a job takes time! It is critical to plan ahead and start thinking about your options. After gaining a clear vision of what you want your dental career to look like, it is important to think about different factors when narrowing down your options. 

  1. Location , Location, Location

For many, location is everything! There are many factors that can be the deciding factor such as commute, being close to family, or your partner’s career. A long-term commitment to the area should be top of mind. Visiting the area is recommended to clarify your interest in areas you are considering. It is also important to be open-minded as you explore opportunities – even in areas less familiar to you.  In smaller communities, there can be significant growth opportunities, as well as the support and connection available through a strong, close-knit community that drives a loyal patient-base. 

  1. Consider Office Support

Back office support can make a huge difference in the support doctors receive, as well as productivity and patient care. Additionally, it can provide a better work-life balance for the dentist and relieve headaches from the administrative duties. Back office support can offer a variety of services such as marketing, payroll, and billing. When visiting an office you are considering, ask the doctor owner about their quality of life, time spent working on the business vs. in the business, the roles and responsibilities of them and their team, and their biggest challenges.

  1. Understanding the Compensation Package

All compensation packages differ, and it requires a curious mind to fully understand each package offered. Candidates should ask questions to fully understand definitions associated with net collections or net production, the practice’s collection rate and accounts receivable (AR) policies, the practice’s third party payer contracts and reimbursement rates, and the details associated with any promises associated with bonus pay or future partnership opportunities.

Aside from a full understanding of the salary or base compensation being offered, benefits offered should play a huge role in the decision making process of finding the right fit. For example, health insurance, 401k match, and vacation time are amongst some basic benefits to consider. Other benefits to consider and inquire about include: mentorship opportunities, continuing educational opportunities, and related doctor development opportunities. 

  1. Understanding the Future Plans for the Practice

An important question to ask: What does retirement look like for the practicing dentist(s)? It is important to understand the future opportunity and plans associated with the practice you’re considering. Their plans (and timeline) can dictate your plans and timeline. Do you want an ownership opportunity? If so, does the practice offer a true pathway to  ownership? And at what cost? 

  1. Network

Make new connections! Attending events is a great way to make new connections and meet other professionals. Joining networking groups and organizations is an easy way to connect with others in your field. 


At PepperPointe, we believe in investing in our associate doctors. 

Our team, in coordination with our doctor partners, work to prepare associates to serve as leaders in the most innovative doctor-owned Group Practices in the country. Providing true ownership ensures greater rewards with less risk, financial security, and the ability to impact and influence communities in which they serve. Most importantly, it  ensures that patients receive continuity of care. 

Our Doctor Recruiter, Meredith Wilson, would love to help you find the right fit to catapult your career, as well as help you as you explore the opportunities available in this ever-changing industry.