Dr. Greg White, President and CEO of PepperPointe Partnerships, joined Bill Neumann on the Group Dentistry Now Show to discuss his entrepreneurial career and what led to one of the largest doctor-owned dental service organizations (DSOs) in the world.

Dr. White actively practiced orthodontics for nearly 30 years while simultaneously co-founding the company that invented, produced, and sold what is still the world’s top-selling custom breast prosthesis for post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors. He attributes a great deal of his perspective in the business of orthodontics and what ultimately led to the formation of PepperPointe Partnerships, to the skills he acquired from owning several successful restaurant concepts for more than 20 years.

PepperPointe Partnerships’ alternative DSO model was formed to minimize disruptions that were facing the individual dental practice owners within central Kentucky. Through self-consolidation, doctor owners create financial success and sustainability, preserve the legacy of doctor-owned practices, and create a pathway to ownership for the next generation of doctors.

PepperPointe Partnerships strives to unite like-minded doctor owners across the country by creating a customized, strategic plan that protects not only the doctor’s legacy but ensures the continuity of patient care is preserved.

Dr. Greg White and PepperPointe Partnerships are honored to be featured on the industry-leading Group Dentistry Now Show.