Austin Hair, American Ninja Warrior and real estate investor, is the host of The Commercial Real Estate Secrets podcast. This show interviews successful entrepreneurs and dives into real estate investing and actionable business strategies. In an interview with the podcast, Dr. Greg White, President and CEO of PepperPointe Partnerships, describes the path that led to the formation of an alternative dental service organization (DSO).

Growing up in West Tennessee as a third-generation sharecropper created a work ethic that propelled Dr. White forward in his career and life. In pursuit of a different path for himself, he became a first-generation college graduate and orthodontist.

In this podcast, Dr. White shares how he bought into a small orthodontic practice and grew it into what is now White, Greer & Maggard Orthodontics, with 20 locations all within 60 miles of Lexington, Ky. Dr. White credits the practice’s growth to building meaningful and long-lasting relationships and always doing what was best for the patient.

Dr. White also shares his perspective on the housing market crash of 2008, which he believes led to the growth of dental service organizations (DSOs) – marking a turning point in the dental industry.

Hear more about his in-depth conversation with Austin Hair on the formation of PepperPointe Partnerships.